“Bringing Together the Artist and the Art Collector”


John Mahoney and Scott Schaefer, who live in the Phoenix Arizona area, are longtime friends, fellow musicians, artists and avid art lovers. Together they created The Ravens Art from John’s vision of a site built by artists for artists. In the spring of 2019, John, knowing Scott was talented building creative and artistic websites; presented this idea to Scott. Scott embraced John’s vision and for the next several months, together they molded The Ravens Art site. It was finally completed and launched in August of 2019.


"Connecting the artist with the art enthusiast"


 In 1998 John built Ravenpheat Productions Recording Studio and has been producing musicians and audio books ever since. In addition, he is an accomplished musician in his own rite, playing Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboards.


Scott, also an accomplished musician, is a recording artist with 10 CD’s to his credit. He plays Indigenous Wood Flutes, Didgeridoo, Hand Pan and Chinese Gusheng.


 John and Scott met in 2008 when John, produced a CD for Scott. Their music relationship grew and resulted in John producing 5 CD’s for Scott over the next 9 years.


John began shooting photos in 1977 and his photography has evolved through the years.  

Click here for John’s Photography Gallery

He began working with clay in 2006 and by 2015 he got serious.

Click here for John’s Ceramic Gallery


Scott is a self-taught painter who only discovered his innate ability in 2014.

Click here for Scott’s Gallery 


“Connecting the art enthusiast with the Artist”


A final note:

John and Scott love people and love artists, art enthusiasts or musicians. Their desire is for every Ravens Art Artist to be successful and for every Art Enthusiast to enjoy this site and what the Artists offer. John and Scott are committed to doing everything in their power to make that a reality through personalized service whether you’re an artist or an art enthusiast.


Thank you for visiting The Ravens Art.  Spread the word.  We really appreciate it.

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