The Ravens Art

Ravenpheat Productions, LLC  dba The Ravens Art

An Online Gallery Platform Created By Artists For Artists


At The Ravens Art, we provide a platform that connects you, the artist, with art enthusiasts seeking unique art.

What We Provide You, The Artist

  1. We provide a artistic platform for you to show and sell your creative art.  

  2. We provide site promotion, advertising and networking.

  3. We provide your artist gallery page by building and maintaining it for you.

  4. We provide bookkeeping and handling of all your sales.

  5. We provide a platform in which your art will be featured from time to time in our monthly newsletter.

  6. We provide you a subscription to our newsletter which you can use to market to your customers.

  7. We provide high end re-prints of your work to market on this site.

  8. We pay you through PayPal. As soon as we receive proof of shipment and tracking number.

  9. We charge a very modest one-time set-up fee to create your gallery. Please see the next section below.

  10. You determine your earning potential and set your prices per item for your art work.

  11. Click here to view: Return Policy  


Our Modest Fees

$50 one time gallery page set up fee for your first medium

* If you are an artist that works in more then one medium, a gallery page is set up for each medium.

For example: You Paint and Sculpt, for each medium you wish to display there is a separate set-up fee.

$25 set-up fee for each additional medium after your first medium.

The Ravens Art charges a 15% commission for each item sold.

Should you have questions, contact John at or 623 215 8654.

Step 1) When you're ready, pay the $50 set-up fee for your first medium using the button below.

Step 2) Please follow these instructions below so we can build your gallery.

Painters & Photographers

Website Gallery Display Procedures for Print Art

To display your print art well, please send us an edited copy of each photograph.

The following information will provide you with photo specifications.

Please attempt the following requirements. The better your art looks, the more you should sell.

  • Take photo in the RAW setting if possible.  Using your 35mm digital camera on the RAW setting, will give you its maximum width,  height and PPI to achieve the largest size clear prints possible .  PPI cannot be less than 100 PPI. There is no need to go above 300 PPI.

  • Edit photo in Adobe or equal software.

  • Minimum PPI 100.  Maximum PPI 300.

  • Two photos will be required for each piece of print art.

    • One for the web site gallery. Edit and convert to JPEG (72-100 PPI).  Please do not change the width and height dimensions (unless you have cropped).

    • One for commercial printing purposes (300 PPI).  Convert to TIFF file.  

  • Should you not be using a good 35mm digital camera, we will do the best we can to achieve the largest clear print possible.

 All Other Original Art Medium Specifications

  • Take photos in the RAW and or JPG settings.

  • You may wish you take photographs of your art in various angles to show front, back and side views.

  • Edit photo in Adobe or equal software.

  • Minimum PPI  72-100.

         Shipping and Insurance for Original Art


Consider adding shipping and insurance costs to the sell price.


To Calculate Shipping Cost

  1. Determine the size and weight of your art. 

  2. Determine the zip code of the farthest distance in the USA from your location.          

​    3. Click here to calculate shipping cost:

  1. USPS Calculator  

  2. UPS Calculator

To Calculate Insurance Cost 

Add insurance to your item using the following table:

USPS Insurance

Insurance Amount for Merchandise Insurance Coverage Desired Fee

$0.01   - $50.00 $2.20

50.01   - 100.00   2.80

100.01 - 200.00   3.50

200.01 - 300.00   4.60

300.01 - 400.00   5.80

400.01 - 500.00   6.95

500.01 - 600.00   9.35

600.01 - 5,000.00 (maximum liability is $5,000) $9.35 plus $1.35 per $100.00 or fraction thereof over $600 in declared value


UPS Insurance, Declared Value

Declared Value



UPS's liability is limited to US$100.00 on packages with no declared value. If the value of your goods exceeds US$100.00, you can declare a higher value, up to US$50,000.00 per package, by entering the declared value in the UPS shipping system used and paying an additional charge. Declared Value charges for freight collect and third-party shipments may be billed to your shipper account. For more information, refer to

When a shipper declares a value in excess of $100, it does not receive any form of insurance. Insurance for in-transit goods is available through UPS’s licensed affiliate UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.

Contact a Licensed Insurance Agent

Should you have questions, contact John at or 623 215 8654.

Submission Requests

Please fill in the form below and attach 2 photos of your art or provide your artist website address.  We have two independant Jurors (artists) who will advise us on unique art for this site.  When you decide to join The Ravens Art, our site team will work directly with you through emails and phone calls to help ensure that the content on your gallery page has the highest potential to achieve your goals. We look forward to sharing your talent with the world!

Attach 2 images below if you do not have a website.

Attach Art Image 1
Max File Size 15MB
Attach Art Image 2
Max File Size 15MB