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John began working with clay in 2006. By 2015 he got serious. John focuses his ceramic energy on creating Masks, Urns for (humans & pets), Pull Knobs, Bells, Udu Drums (African drum), and other ceramic creations that come into mind. All John's ceramics are 100% hand crafted, either by the coil, or the pinch method. No two pieces are alike. No slip molds are used. Nothing is bought for resale from Asia or Mexico. John's style is what he calls "Raw and Organic"; meaning, he'll begin with an idea to create an Urn, an Udu or a Mask...whatever, and allow the clay and idea to flow freely into it's final shape. 100% USA created in Glendale Arizona.

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Create Your Own

Full mask price


Choose individual facial features.

$28.00 each (ears & eyes $28/pair)

Mounting hardware included on all pieces.





Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns

For the ashes of your loved one and your beloved pets.

Made-to-order Urns can have a fine headshot fired onto your Urn. Just supply a photo of your loved one and or pet. Please allow 2-3 weeks for made-to-order Urns

Udo Drums

Click on arrow       in each Udu listing to hear its sound.

Pull Knobs

Shipping cost of small quantities is $8.00

Shipping cost for larger quantities is $17.00

Pull knobs for cabinet drawers and cabinet doors

All Pull Knobs come with hardware for installing.

Please indicate on your order whether for drawer or door.

Price shown is for 1 pull knob


John Mahoney's

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